Privacy Policy

At Haus of Paint we need to use some of your personal data in order to make your clothes. We take the responsibility of holding your data, and keeping it private very seriously. Please read our privacy policy below, which sets out the data we hold, how we use it, how our partners use it, how long we hold it, how it is protected, and how you can request to change or delete your data.

What data do we hold & how is this protected?

Haus of Paint uses both email, Big Cartel, Stripe, and Paypal to gather data. The email data that we hold can include any information you give us, including your name, telephone number, email address, your partner’s name, and the date of your event. This data is collected via the contact form on our website. This data is protected by a password.

All data is available to you on request and can be deleted at any time on request.

How can you change or remove your data?

You can make this request to me by email to [email protected] at any time.

How we use your data & how we share it with partners?

Your data is used to create your clothes. Depending on the method of print that you choose, the data that is relevant to printing your leggings, can be shared with our print partners. Haus of Paint has ensured that all of our printing partners have up-to-date privacy policies that adhere to the GDPR.

We may use your Jumpsuit to showcase online on our website, on Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media platforms, and at events such as trade fairs where we showcase our clothes. When used online we endeavor to ensure this does not show full details of your event or postal addresses, and you may ask for this to not be used or to be removed at any time.

Your printed clothes may be sent to prospective customers in sample packs.

How long do we hold your data for?

Haus of Paint holds your personal data in email up to 30 after satisfactory delievery at which point it is archived. Archives are permanently deleted five years after an order. Print files are kept for five years

Printed samples of bespoke designs that include personal data such as email addresses and/or other contact details are destroyed after five years.

Please feel free to contact Haus of Paint to discuss any concerns that you have regarding your data privacy via email at [email protected]

Haus of Paint (c) is a trading name for Haus of Paint Limited. Reg No 5812935 England.