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A Tiger in the Grasses. 100% Cotton Yarn Sweater.

We are pleased to introduce our new range of fine cotton knitwear.
Created using our original artwork by a small company specializing in small-batch production.
Made from 100% cotton yarn which is breathable and light enough to wear in Summer evenings and layer in the colder months.
Created using oil pastels on watercolour paper to create rough textures and line.
A Tiger in the Grasses draws influence from the work of Naive or Primitive Artists.
The colour notes of pink and orange work beautifully with contrasting loops along the length of the arms.
All our knitwear takes around 2-3 weeks to produce, pack and send out so please bear that in mind when placing an order.
In a limited edition run of 200, your sweater will arrive with an edition number signed.
Available in Sizes S-XL

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