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Haus of paint is a small slow fashion label created by RCA graduate Gina McAdam in Surrey, UK. We make original print wearable Art.

Sustainability is at the core of everything we make.

We make exclusive print fabrics in cruelty-free faux silks right here in the UK. All our designs are made to order only, which cuts down on fashion waste and unnecessary production.

We don't work with seasons as many larger brands traditionally do, we prefer instead to encourage our customers to invest in a timeless piece that will be worn many times over.

All our garments are part of limited editions.

It is our brand policy to use every last scrap of fabric we print, to serve this we offer a range of off-cut products such as buttons and belts, our selection is changing all the time.

About Me

After Graduation from the Royal College of Art, London, I spent 3 years colour mixing the printing inks for a series of iconic Damien Hirst Prints distributed through Paragon Press Ltd in London. 

Mixing inks really gave me an understanding of colour. One of my favourite ways to start a design is to simply mix up colours in a palette and see how they work together, many colours suggest patterns and sequences.

image from P Press.

Why are we more environmentally Aware?

It has become more apparent in recent years that the fashion industry's demand for faster fashion has become detrimental to the planet. Currently, the industry is responsible for making up 10% of humanity's total carbon emissions. In short, our demand for overproduction affects the planet we live on, we are aware of this, and as such our garments are either printed on-demand or made to order only. Additionally, we use Vegan, Chemical Free Inks and printers which use less water than standard printers. you can read more about our Green Standards below-

About our Legwear

What is Slow Fashion?

Slow fashion is basically the direct opposite of the fast thrown away cheaper fashion we know now. 

Each piece we make has been ordered specially by you, our customer. 

Because we hand sew many of our goods, It might take slightly longer for your product to arrive than it would from your usual online larger brands.

Furthermore, our products are built to last, we want you to enjoy your tailored piece for many years to come so a lot of attention has gone into the finishing of a garment.

How green are we?

Our handmade pieces are delivered in boxes and wrapped in paper. Our legwear suppliers in the EU still use plastic bags, but we are working with them to move to a recycled option.

Each piece is made 3 miles from my studio in Surrey by a Seamstress with over 40 years in the wedding trade as a couture dress designer.

Rent us
I understand that sometimes buying ethical fashion can be an expensive option so we have recently joined By Rotation a brilliant app to rent at a much lower cost.
if you would like to try out our best seller please visit By Rotation and search for Haus of Paint under brands.

Women employing Women.

Haus of paint is a proudly female-owned company employing an expansive age range of professional women.

We hope you love what we do too, please get in touch through our Social Media sites to join the conversation.

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